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What is it?

KDirStat was a graphical disk usage utility for KDE 3, very much like the Unix "du" command. In addition to that, it came with some cleanup facilities to reclaim disk space. But it's history now. Use the newer QDirStat or K4DirStat instead.

KDirStat main window
KDirStat cleanup action configuration KDirStat tree colors configuration
KDirStat treemap configuration KDirStat general/misc configuration
KDirStat feedback mail dialog
KDirStat main window Configuration dialogs Feedback mail


2016-01-09 Complete Rewrite: QDirStat


KDirStat is dead, long live QDirStat!

QDirStat is KDirStat without any KDE -- from the original KDirStat author.

In addition to KDirStat's features, it comes with some new ones:

  • Multi-selection in both the tree and the treemap.
  • No more restriction on the number of user-defined cleanup actions.
  • Properly show errors of cleanup actions (and their output, if desired).
  • Only one binary file required. It contains everything including icons etc. (Qt runtime libs are still required to be installed).

QDirStat is based on that same code from the original KDE 3 KDirStat of 2006. It's an 80% rewrite using a lot of newer Qt technologies. And there was a lot of cleaning up that old code base that had been long overdue.

Get it here:

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This version is outdated. This is the KDE 3 version.

Better use the newer QDirStat instead or the KDE 4 / 5 K4Dirstat.

Repository of the old KDE 3 kdirstat:


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